The experience begins here.

The fall, YSocialWork, Inc. will launch a 6-week certification program for public and private school juniors and seniors interested in a career in social work.

Core activities will include (1) online competency-based social work course, and (2) community service or practicum activities, totaling up to 25 hours of instruction and community service.

Upon completion, students are encouraged to participate in YSocialWork’s International Social Work Capstone in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our Fall 2020- Spring 2021 Program Sponsor

Our goal is to expose high school students to innovative competency-based education.

Our learning objectives closely aligns with four social work and entrepreneurship competencies:

Demonstrate the values and professional behaviors, knowledge and skills necessary to become an ethical social change agent across disciplines and human services

Identify and embrace elements of diversity and differences across disciplines and in pursuit of a career in human services

Explore methods of incorporating social work and entrepreneurship competencies to social, economic, and environmental challenges impacting human services

Inspire students and their families to engage in policy practice to building relationships and leverage resources

Serving high school students where they are.

Are you interested in completing service-learning requirements with YSocialWork? If so, register to participate in either the High School Experiential Classroom or the High School webinars and receive 1 to 25 hours of community service in just one semester.

There’s nothing basic about our benefits.

The benefits of satisfying community service with YSocialWork, Inc. go beyond the hours, and here’s our top four:

Experiential Training in Macro Social Work Education and Practice

Academic and Career Development with Support Services and Supervision

Access to Work and Scholarship Opportunities

Expand Resume and Networking Skills with Local Social Workers

Opportunity to Demonstrate Social Work Professional and Ethical Behaviors

Opportunity to Interview Industry Leaders

So you want to start now…

YSocialWork, Inc. can help you get started as well as answer any questions you may have to begin the process.

Eligibility Requirement for Youth Certification:

You must meet the following criteria to apply:

+Be a high school junior or senior

+Have at least a 3.0 GPA

+Completion of the YSocialWork Community Service Approval Form

+ In the process of fulfilling college admissions tests requirements (Accuplacer, SAT, or ACT)

+ Available to meet once a week and complete an additional 10 hours of community service hours virtually.

Our instructors comprise of university faculty and practitioners.

In HSEC, volunteer instructors will introduce four out of five social work competencies, values, and practice. Each student will prepare and engage in meaningful conversation with esteemed professors and practitioners across Maryland and other CSWE-accredited programs. Work is optional, but students will be required to complete competency evaluations following each session. Throughout the semester, students will also engage in national conversations with industry leaders to build public speaking, debate, and interviewing skills.

70+ students across PGCPS have registered

30+ students across disciplines enrolled

International Social Work Capstone in Johannesburg, South Africa

The International Social Work Capstone in Johannesburg, South Africa provides high school junior or seniors an opportunity to travel abroad with YSocialWork, Inc. to launch a cross-cultural youth summit.

​​Este proyecto de servicios impulsado por la comunidad brinda a los estudiantes la oportunidad de viajar al extranjero con YSocialWork, Inc. para lanzar una cumbre juvenil intercultural.

The first youth summit will launch in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following criteria to apply:

+ Be a high school junior or senior

+ Have at least a 3.0 GPA (or have shown evidence of academic progress)

+ Parent approval

+ Recommendation from school counselor

+ Demonstrate an interest in a career in social work or human services

+ Completed fewer than 10% of community service hour requirements

+ Enrolled in a dual enrollment course in human service or social work (optional)

+ Demonstrate Intermediate Spanish proficiency. Note this criterion is only for students applying for service in a Spanish speaking country

+ Willing to fund-raise 50% of program fee

Become a Partner or Sponsor

YSocialWork, Inc. is currently seeking local partners and/or sponsors to help us implement the YSocialWork Experience in Prince George’s County

Email Shauntia at for more information.


Dr. Craig Watters is the Executive Director of the the Riata Institute for Global Social Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University, which focuses on furthering student experiential study, research and service, while simultaneously offering rich experiences both nationally and abroad.