YSocialWork, Inc. is a recruitment initiative for youth and young adults interested in social work.

Introduction to HS Social Work

Each class is highly student-centered, experiential, and social work-oriented. Join us as we address real-world problems with an entrepreneurial mindset and social work competency-based ethics and values.

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Are you considering Social Work as a profession but attending a 2-year university? Join us as we explore social work competency-based ethics and values among community college students across Montgomery County and Prince George’s Counties.

Community College Internship

Are you a Southern Mangement Leadership Program student or an undergraduate student in the State of Maryland and interested in interning at YSocialWork, Inc.? Apply for consideration for the 2021-2022 Academic School Year.

At YSocialWork, Inc., we’ll unpack the broad range of competencies to inspire you to undertake a degree in social work. The core values of our approach encompass integrity, dignity, self-worth, social justice, and service. We center healthy human relationships. 

Strategic partners are critical to the success of our youth and young adults in rewarding careers in social work and entrepreneurial endeavors.

YSocialWork, Inc. is drawing an array of high-impact programs that solve important problems in our professional and local community. We address human service workforce shortage and youth employment.

YSocialWork, Inc. is at the intersection between educational and human service improvements. We provide the best training and services to meet the needs of diverse students and the global workforce.

This year, we are expanding partnerships with corporations, government, and other nonprofits that share YSocialWork’s commitment to advancing youth and young adults in rewarding social work careers and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Managing Director, YSocialWork, Inc.

“YSocialWork, Inc. is a unique opportunity for the profession to expand services, resources, and information to audiences never reached. The world is changing and we need more innovative approaches for the recruitment and retention of more youth and young adults.”

Shauntia White, Founder

Managing Director, Groundworks

It’s been great working with YSocialWork, Inc. over the past few years, and [the founder] has proven to be a highly capable young leader operating at the intersection of social work, public policy and innovation. The Founder is a visionary and backs the big ideas up with real execution. I’m excited to see YSocialWork continue to grow!

Jason Towns, Advisor


YSocialWork, Inc. sets out to become an international catalyst for social change in human services and in society.  

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